AS9100 Supplier Flowdown Requirements


As a supplier to The Toolroom, you agree to comply (where applicable} design, test, inspection, verification (including production process verification}, use of statistical techniques for product acceptance, related instructions for acceptance and critical items including key characteristics. Test specimens (production method, number, storage conditions} for design approval inspection/verification, investigation or auditing.

We require notification of a nonconforming product and prior authorization must be obtained prior to disposition. Changes in product and/or process, change of suppliers and/or change in manufacturing facility location requires prior authorization by our organization. Requirements must be flowed down to the supply chain.

Right of Access: The Toolroom, its customers and any regulatory authorities shall be granted right of access to applicable areas of all facilities at any level of the supply chain involved in the order and all applicable records to ensure conformance with the requirements.

Record Retention: Supplier shall maintain records of inspections, tests, and process controls involved in the order. Unless specified elsewhere, these documents shall be on file, stored and protected in such a manner that they remain legible, readily identifiable and readily available to The Toolroom for no less than 7 years.

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