A Peak at Plastic Resin

The average American encounters over 7,000 different plastic products in a normal day. It is versatile, inexpensive and recyclable. Resin is the core ingredient for all plastic products. Plastic are made from raw materials like natural gas, oil or plants, which are then refined into ethane and propane. These are then treated with heat in a process called “cracking,” which turns them into ethylene and propylene. These materials are combined together to create different polymers.

The manufacturing process for plastic can be customized in several ways, leading to a great variety among common plastics. Most resins are not just raw ingredients from the production process but contain additives to control for hardening, heat resistance and color. Plastic resins are heated, molded and allowed to cool. Most final polymer resins come in the form of beads or pellets used in injection molding.

Types of thermoplastic materials used in the molding process include:

  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Features include high impact strength, durability and scratch resistance. You will see ABS used to make many automotive parts and small consumer electronics.
  • Features of this thermoplastic are high flexibility, light weight, and longevity. It is used in everything from manufacturing washing machine drums to plumbing equipment.
  • That’s a hard one. Really. Acrylic’s hardness is comparable to aluminum and is used in the manufacturing of lenses and control panels. It has seen a fast growing demand in the plastic injection molding industry.
  • This material is resistant to other chemical and has high heat tolerance. Its stiffness and high density make it ideal for use in fuel tanks and food storage boxes.
  • This plastic is transparent, glossy and strong. It is used for manufacturing items in many colors such as toys and toilet seats.

Thermoplastics are ideal injection resins because they are easily moldable when softened with heat and harden during the cooling process. They are easily reusable and recyclable. The thermoplastic resins used in The Toolroom injection molding process are of superior quality. Our engineering expert will help you select just the right resin for your project. We have a long history of providing exceptional service and delivering on our promises. We are your number one source for top quality precision plastic injection molding. Start your project today by calling 314-849-8181.

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