A Primer on Mold Cavities

Injection molding is one of the most widely used methods in the manufacturing of parts.

It is both cost effective and can facilitate large production runs. Injection molding utilizes a machine with three components: an injection unit, a mold and a clamp. Here we look at the mold and its importance in the injection molding process.

A mold is a hollow form, usually made from stainless steel, into which plastic is injected to manufacture a part. The mold cavity is a hole shaped like the desired part. Molds are used for parts that require mass production. It is necessary that the mold is designed precisely for flawless results.

Despite its complexity at first look, this is an example of a single cavity mold
Despite its complexity at first look, this is an example of a single cavity mold

The mold may have either one cavity (single mold) or many cavities (multi-cavity mold). The injection molding process is the same for both, but there are key differences. A single cavity mold produces one part per cycle, and may not be appropriate for a large production run. A multi-cavity mold has several identical cavities and produces more parts per cycle. The ability to increase production with a multi-cavity mold makes it more cost effective if your volume needs are higher.

The choice between either a single cavity mold or multi-cavity mold depends both on the number of parts desired and the timeline in which you are working. A multi-cavity mold is a larger investment in your resources up front, but these investments are recouped with higher volumes in a shorter amount of time. Lower requirements for product and less upfront costs make single cavity molds a better option.

Multi-cavity injection mold
An excellent example of a multi-cavity injection mold!

The versatility of injection molding is limited only by your imagination. With an experienced plastic injection mold manufacturer partner like The Tool Room, your injection molding needs are met with professionalism and perfection. For help choosing whether single or multi-cavity molds are best for your project, call The Tool Room at (573) 437-4154.

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