All About Short Run Plastic Injection Molding

Forget about high minimum orders for your plastic injection project. Here at The Toolroom, we break down barriers to entry level plastic injection needs for prototypes or test runs. Short run or small batch injection molding is the same process of standard production molding without being cost prohibitive.

Short-run plastic mold in press
Short-run plastic mold in press

Short run plastic injection molding is utilized in a variety of industries with basic parts to highly specialized parts that may only be needed in smaller quantities. When accuracy and performance are vital, The Toolroom can give you production-quality prototyping efficiently and with competitive pricing.

Short run plastic molding serves a special market segment with specific needs such as prototype manufacturing, small marketing production, custom components for specialty automotive or medical applications, and customized parts for high end appliances or technology.

Close-up of molded part laying on tool
Close-up of molded part laying on tool

Advantages to short run plastic injection molding start with a lower minimum quantity requirement. Don’t need 100,000 parts? No worries, let us make 100 for you. Don’t want to wait weeks? We can help there as well, with a quick turnaround in a matter of days, not weeks. Short run plastic injection molding is not limited to a certain selection of materials. You use similar resins as high-volume molding and choose exactly what is needed for your specific product.

Don’t think that just because you have a low-volume need that you won’t get high quality results. At the Toolroom, we never cut corners with quality. We work diligently to make certain your finished part exceeds your expectations. This is what over four decades of experience means to our customers. Our crew of design and manufacturing professionals produce top-tier results with our state-of-the-art short run injection molding. We are experts in assisting our clients in simplifying your design and producing your desired result in a cost-effective manner. We welcome your business from 100 parts to a million.

The Toolroom has a proven history of exceptional service and delivering on our promises. We are your number one source for top quality precision plastic injection molding. Start your project today by calling (573) 437-4154!

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