Building US Manufacturing Reliance Against Supply Chain Disruptions

The recent COVID pandemic brough the world to a halt, and this amplified an already strained supply chain and tedious economic climate. The economic security of the United States as seen by steady employment numbers and sold operation of critical industries also requires a resilient supply chain. A resilient supply chain is not one that cannot be broken, but one that recovers quickly in case of an unexpected event.

Recent disruptions in the supply chain resulted from a host of issues. COVID shuttered factories and kept much of the world home for a long period of time. As vaccinations brought industries back to work, pandemic-induced demand for goods increased quickly and the supply chain struggled to keep up. Combine this with underinvestment in U.S import infrastructure capability and difficulty finding and retaining workers meant American shoppers had more expensive and less available goods.

Even as shipping channels got closer to a new normal, Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine has impacted global economies greatly. Currency exchange is in flux, and huge price increases in fuel have resulted in sky rocketing shipping costs.

As our leadership emphasizes the importance of American industry, The Toolroom is proud to be your home-grown full service mold manufacturer specializing in injection molds, molding, machining, and other tooling since 1978. We support building a US manufacturing reliance against supply chain disruptions and sourcing domestically.

You don’t need to look outside our great country’s borders for competitive pricing and superior service for your molding and machining needs. Avoid the uncertainty that comes with reliance on foreign supply chains and shipping. Right here in the Midwest, The Toolroom has the capability of small project to full scale molding and tooling services for your business.

Don’t spend your investment on expensive shipping from an overseas company. Source locally at The Toolroom and we will get your parts transported quickly and safely wherever they need to go. Remember The Toolroom for plastic injection molding, custom tool design, and mold repair and maintenance. Call us -your local manufacturing source- at (573) 437-4154.

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