Sourcing in Uncertain Times

The coronavirus has caused interruptions in supply chains around the world. Employees in multiple states and countries are sheltering in place to try to stop the spread of coronavirus. While this has led to some production delays, The Toolroom has contingency plans to avoid or mitigate these disruptions. The Toolroom has both in-house capabilities as…

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Midwest One-Stop Shop

The Toolroom is delighted to offer customers state-of-the-art service all the way from the beginning of the design process through production. We can help you take your idea from design to prototyping to development and then into production. First, if you have a concept or design that is not ready to go to production, or…

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What is a Compression Mold?

A compression mold is an open, heated mold. The material being molded usually is preheated, then poured into the mold. Pressure is applied to force the material into the entire mold, then heat and pressure is kept until the molded material is cured. Compression molding is useful for manufacturing large batches of large, intricate parts,…

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What is CNC Machining?

CNC machining, or computer numerical control machining, is a computerized manufacturing process. Computer software controls how tools and machines operate, instead of a human operator. CNC machines are used to turn material such as aluminum or steel into a part using tools that operate along multiple axes, sometimes simultaneously. Because CNC machines use automated processes,…

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