Choosing the Right Injection Mold Type

Designing and manufacturing custom plastic injection molds is our specialty!

A mold is a hollow form usually made from stainless steel. Plastic is injected into the mold in the manufacture of plastic parts. Molds are used in mass production as they result in quality parts at faster speeds and reduced costs. The number and type of cavities in a mold will determine the quantity produced in each cycle, impact the speed of production and affect the cost of each unit. Available mold types include single cavity, multi cavity and family molds.

A single cavity mold consists of just one cavity and make one component per cycle. They are usually utilized in small production runs of plastic parts. Single cavity molds result in lower initial cost than multi cavity molds. They are easy to design and manufacture. Quality is also very high because the manufacturer has more control over the injection molding process. The lower cost for smaller volume productions is the main advantage found with use of single cavity molds.

Multi cavity molds make multiple identical parts per cycle. This type of mold requires a higher initial set up cost as it requires a longer time cut each cavity added. However, higher production amounts and faster production speeds result in savings for larger orders.

Family molds also consist of multiple cavities, but it includes two or more different cavities for manufacturing multiple parts per single injection cycle. For example, if your product has a top and bottom cover, a family mold can be used to make them during the same injection cycle. It should be noted that family molds can only be used for parts that are made of the same material and color. If your parts require different plastic materials or variations in color, separate molds or batches must be completed.

A single cavity mold makes a single plastic part. A multi cavity mold makes larger quantities of a single part simultaneously. A family mold makes different parts made of the same material at the same time. It is really that simple. For your plastic injection molding project, The Toolroom makes it simple, too. For over 40 years, our award winning service and design has been helping companies in Missouri and nationwide with state-of-the-art technology and exceptional service. Find out how we can meet your plastic injection molding needs today by calling 573-437-4154 today.

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