Intelligence in Injection Mold Creation

Plastic injection molding is a savvy choice for producing products and parts.

This adaptable method can be more efficient than other alternatives. While many companies can provide plastic injection molding and quite a few can create those molds, the right mold injection creation company will provide comprehensive services from design to implementation. The professionals at The Toolroom offer smart solutions from conception to reality, and here’s why the intelligence behind the process is important.

Plastic injection mold prototypeThe stages of injection molding include part design, tool creation and production. Precise calculations in mass, momentum, and energy are integral to the process. Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software is also used from design and manufacturing of prototypes to production runs. The Toolroom has been in the business of creating custom injection molds for over forty years. Custom injection molding is one of our specialties and we create custom molds right here on site. Avoid costly mistakes by hiring a company with the engineering acumen to do it right from the beginning.

Each day we work with our clients to make certain they understand the basics and advantages of plastic injection molding including its precision and speed. Beyond the knowledge and experience in our work, we put our relationship with the customer at the forefront. We want you to have no doubt in choosing The Toolroom as your partner in plastic injection molding.

Whether you are just beginning with a product or tool idea, or if you already have an injection mold, call (573) 437-4154 or submit a request to discuss your needs!


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