Onshoring versus Offshoring


Onshoring is the process of moving a business from overseas back to the country where it originally operated. Many companies prefer onshoring because of quick project turnarounds and improved communication between employees and clients. Many offshore locations are in areas with low labor costs, but there is often a language barrier. With onshoring, you don’t have to worry about unstable trade relations or a tumultuous political climate. Manufacturing done right here in The United States can boast many benefits to both the business and the clients.

Comparing onshoring and offshoring

  • Benefits – While offshoring could help your business save on short-term labor costs, there are numerous benefits to onshoring. The line of communication between your employees and clients is significantly improved when your clients can easily reach and understand you. Many businesses that decide to offshore have their customer service lines overseas as well. Along with improved customer service, onshoring also means faster production times. Not having parts shipped overseas or the threat of ports closing and implementing higher tariffs, you can finish a project faster.
  • Trends – More and more businesses are starting to see the benefits of keeping their companies in the states. In the past few years, we have seen companies move their businesses back to America and decide to keep their operations onshore.


Offshoring is just the opposite of onshoring. Companies will move their business overseas to cutback on the cost of labor and production. However, many companies have found that offshoring isn’t the best long-term option. While labor costs maybe a good approach for a short-term fix, labor costs are constantly on the rise around the world. Offshoring also hosts a lot more uncertainty than onshoring. A rise in tariffs can affect trading and unpredictable events, like the current Coronavirus pandemic, can occur without warning.

  • Benefits Offshoring may be able to lower up-front production and labor costs, especially in the short or mid-term. Many businesses move to countries with lower labor costs to cut down on employee pricing. There is often times a larger pool of people that can be available to work during times that many American businesses are closed, allowing some companies to be accessible 24/7.
  • Trends – In recent years many companies that moved overseas have moved back their business back onshore. Countries that had a lower cost of labor have since seen a spike in labor pricing.

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