Overseas Injection Molding: Could It Be Wrong for Your Business?

Conventional thinking used to dictate that foreign manufacturing would save money with low wages and lack of environmental regulation equaling cheap rates for your business.

Modern day issues have changed the way we think. Today, Made in the USA is more than a slogan. It is a legitimate and advantageous alternative to overseas manufacturing, especially when it involves plastic injection molding. Here’s why.

Quality Control. You definitely get what you pay for. Less expensive production does not mean a better outcome. You don’t have any guarantee that your offshored products are diligently made, and you have little recourse when things go bad. Superior quality of a product depends on several factors including the expertise of your plastic injection molding provider, caliber of materials and superior technology. The Toolroom has state-of-the-art facilities and strict quality control measures in place that mean you get the best results.

The quality of mold manufacturing and part creation suffers from cheaper overseas production. This field requires the highest of standards, and your choice of The Toolroom provides for more advanced features and less flaws and defects in your parts.

Time. It takes longer for your product to reach you because it is produced offshore. Add to this the broken and unreliable supply chain and your parts can take several additional months to reach their destination. What if you need a secondary run quickly to meet demand? You might miss your small window of opportunity to fill orders because you simply cannot get your parts in on time. Your sales can suffer dramatically if those shelves remain empty and your clients turn to competitors for their parts.

Intellectual Property Theft. The United States has intricate and powerful laws in place to protect your intellectual property. Offshore manufacturing makes your designs and ideas vulnerable to theft in countries that don’t necessarily have measures in place to fight it. Let The Toolroom discuss options with you to bring your injection molding manufacturing back home to protect your intellectual property and your company’s reputation.

So how can The Toolroom be competitive with foreign companies that offer similar services? First, you won’t have to deal with the issues described above. We offer efficient and exceptional production with advanced technology right here in the heart of America. Our expert engineers can assist in your design plans and find as many ways as possible to save on your costs and delivery times.

Since 1978, The Toolroom has offered award winning plastic injection molds, rubber injection molds, machining and tool design. We are leaders in full-service mold manufacturing, and you don’t have to cross the ocean to get a high level of service at a competitive price. Keep your production and your money in the United States of America. Choose The Toolroom to be your partner for complete injection molding, machining custom tool design, rapid prototyping and more. Call 573-437-4154 to get your project started.

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