Prototype Mold Builders

Your injection molding project should start with a prototype.

This will verify its dimensions and specifications are exact, as well as ensure that the product functions as intended before moving forward. A prototype provides a tangible example to show stakeholders and potential customers. It also saves time and can help cut costs while identifying potential areas for improvement.

Here is why The Toolroom is the only prototype mold builder you need. As any competitive market requires a quick solution when it comes to plastic products, injection mold prototypes can be the answer. Our prototype molding capabilities will help you beat the competition to the marketplace, so contact us today to use our advanced techniques that save your business time and money over other conventional manufacturing methods.

The Toolroom is here to help you from the very beginning. Our experts help you with budget considerations, deciding mold features and materials, and defining what your specific goals are. Prototypes are legitimate working models of your product, and you want them to be high quality to stand up to your rigorous use and testing standards. Once you’ve determined that everything is just right, prototype mold services can accelerate your production so your product goes to market first.

There are types of molds to consider in addition to materials. Will your prototype do best with plastic injection molding or another type of molding? Will the mold meet the demand for the product and remain durable? Do you want a highly productive mold for long term use or a mold just to prepare a test product for research purposes? The Toolroom will ask you these questions and help you answer them.

Prototypes are a good idea because they allow you to witness how numerous components of an assembly fit and function. Working with us as your prototype mold builder will speed up the process but also lessen your expense. You can have the anticipated part without having essentially all the features that the final product might contain.

The Toolroom is proud to offer state-of-the art facilities with quality in-house production. We strive to maintain superior and consistent quality while reducing your lead times. We want to be your prototype mold builder. For over 40 years, our award winning service and design has been helping companies in St. Louis, Missouri and nationwide with state-of-the-art technology and exceptional service. Find out how we can meet your plastic injection molding needs today by calling 573-437-4154 today.

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