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The cliché of “shop local” carries a different meaning now during the coronavirus pandemic than it has ever before. While it is always good to support local businesses, it’s especially poignant right now for new reasons.

A key reason to choose to work with a local St. Louis injection molding company is because it is nearby. Proximity has several advantages. One of those advantages is that it means easier communication. You can call us at The Toolroom during our normal hours of operation and you will reach us. In today’s digital world you can email us, too, but if you really need to get information, being nearby means you can drive to any one of our facilities and check on a product or have a conversation in socially-distant person with us. You couldn’t do this if you were working with a company that was outside the United States.

Local St/ Louis molding company

Proximity also means logistics are a lot easier to sort out. You don’t have to wait for your products to be shipped on the ocean or by air freight or have to deal with shutdowns or delays that may be occurring in other countries or factories as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. We can let you know what your options are for logistics here, and what schedules look like. When everything is closer, it’s also faster.

When you shop local, you know what the current environment is like: what closures are occurring, what the weather conditions are, and generally what barriers there are to building and shipping product. The closer you are to your injection molding company, the fewer complications there are in getting the product you need, when you need it.

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