Top 10 Plastic Injection Molding Questions

Frequently asked plastic injection molding questionsPlastic injection molding is the most popular process for manufacturing plastic parts. This process involves molten material which is injected into a mold to create a product. Our in-house molders provide both the design and manufacturing of these products. 

  1. What determines the cost of plastic molding?
    The cost of injection molding is determined by a number of factors such as; the number of cavities, the mold itself, complexity of parts, etc. The actual mold itself is usually the most expensive upfront cost. Additionally, the fewer number of cavities will lower your upfront cost and vice versa. We’re dedicated to providing customers with quality service at a lower cost
  2. What sized businesses do you serve?
    When researching molding manufacturing companies it’s important to keep in mind your volume requirements and make sure they match that of the company you work with. The Toolroom is equipped to handle volume from small to large businesses. No matter the size of your project, we can help
  3. What certifications should I look for when choosing a molder?
    Certifications are a great way to determine which molder is right for you. They show which businesses are at the top of the industry. At the Toolroom we are dedicated to providing the best services to our customers and this includes having the proper qualifications. When choosing a manufacturer, it’s important to research their current certifications to ensure you are getting quality manufacturing.
  4. Should I buy my parts in the US or overseas?
    While working with a manufacturer overseas or even moving your business overseas will help save on up-front costs, working with a local manufacturer has numerous benefits. Choosing a local manufacturer is a great way to ensure open lines of communication during the course of your project. Choosing a manufacturer in the United States and more importantly, a local manufacturer has great long term effects in terms of cost and project turn-around time.
  5. How long does it take to build a mold?
    Creating a plastic injection mold can take anywhere from 5-12 weeks. The complexity of each project will determine the turn-around time.
  6. Can I get a mold warranty?
    Many mold manufacturers offer limited Lifetime Warranty for their molds. This ensures that if your project should need fixing, it can be done at no charge.
  7. What type of material or resin is needed?
    Picking the right materials for your project, can a stressful task as there are hundreds of different products to choose from. Below are the 5 most common resins that can be used for injection molding:

    • ABS
    • Celcon
    • Polypropylene
    • HIPS
    • LDPE
  8. What types of custom-built plastic injection molds are out there?
    There are several different plastic injection moldings available in the marketplace to fit your needs. The Toolroom has several custom-built moldings to choose from:

    • Unscrewing Molds
    • Two Shot Molds
    • Prototype Molds
    • Multi-Cavity Molds
    • Insert Molds
    • Stack Molds
  9. What does the molding process look like?
    Here at The Toolroom we have a creative system in place to help guide you through every step of the injection molding process.

    • Send us the 3D CAD model along with all the mold requirements for your product
    • We will provide you with a quote
    • You will receive one-two reviews of your project design
    • Once we have your approval, the manufacturing process will start
    • After the molding process is complete, we will test run your product
  10. What do I do if I already have an injection mold?
    If you already have an injection mold made, you will need to find a company that is also able to produce plastic parts. Luckily, The Toolroom is equipped with experts to help you develop any plastic product you made need.

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