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Mold Repair and Maintenance

When it comes to a mold, designing and creating it are crucial steps in order to make parts from it. Often the cost associated with molds is attributed to these two steps. Creating a mold is the most expensive part of mold making, but one way to keep the recurring cost of mold making down is to regularly maintain and repair molds to make them last as long as possible.

Over time and with normal use, molds build up residue, which can affect the quality of the parts created from the mold. Regular maintenance helps keep the mold in the best shape for consistently making high-quality parts. Maintenance also helps catch issues and defects in the mold before it starts to affect part quality. Catching issues early helps extend the lifetime of the mold.

While mold maintenance takes time away from making parts, over time it can save money by not requiring a new mold to be made every time an old mold fails to produce the same high-quality parts or, worse, when a mold fails entirely and can no longer be used to make parts.

The Toolroom understands the importance of bringing the cost of mold creation down and protecting the quality of parts from existing molds. We can work with you to find the optimal maintenance schedule for your mold to extend the life of the mold balanced with making the most number of high-quality parts before taking a mold out of production for maintenance.

In the photos below you can see an aluminum compression mold whose insert was dropped, resulting in damage to cavity edges. Instead of creating a new mold, the cavity edges where laser welded followed by a re-cutting of the surface to correct its geometry:

If during regular maintenance an issue is found in a mold, or even if production is stopped because a mold is not producing high-quality parts, another less expensive step before making a new mold is repairing the existing mold. We have experienced mold repair technicians who can take a defective mold, examine it and make necessary repairs to the mold so that it can return to production.

It’s our priority to be as cost-effective as possible with your molds. Contact us with any questions about our mold maintenance and repair procedures and what the ideal mix of creation, maintenance and repair is for your molds.

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